About us.

 I run a fast growing mobile valeting business in Blackpool, Lancashire offering many cleaning and valeting services as MotorShine.

I have been trading since March 2018 where I left my previous jobs to give it ago myself as I was in the trade. I have learnt many skills in detailing and valeting in previous years and in my spare time learnt how to do detailing at an amazing level. See gallery.

I first started valeting in a Astra van just doing vehicle valeting/detailing but as I was doing great work and getting good feedback, customers wanted more from me as I was getting asked if I could do this, could I do that etc. So I saw a opportunity here to expand my business so I invested in a self-contained larger Citroen Dispatch van which we fitted out ourselves with more equipment for all purposes and requirements that were in demand.

We have our own water and electric, my van is fully self sufficient, so we can valet your car anywhere you like. We can now also, after demand from customers clean patios, facias & sofitts, carpets & upholstery, conservatories, even light aircraft and now our new SkyVac gutrering cleaning service is now a service we offer.

I have turned the business into a fast growing valeting success and I hope to expand the business as we head towards the end of the year 2018. Next year I might even train and employ staff!

To boast my business we was called to our first aircraft clean at Blackpool airport, Hanger 3. A private jet (NetJets) urgently needed the carpets cleaning as it had dogs in there, so they called MotorShine to sort, how honoured we were! We obviously went beyond the carpets and fully valeted the inside of the jet…that MotorShine.

We use prouducts like no other, using Meguires, Millenium supplies, Auto Glym and many more industrial chemicals and equipment to assist us in helping achieve second to none results. Our carpet cleaning Aquairus machinery is a commercial machine which will soon have your carpets and Upholstery like new.