Gutter cleaning Downpipe testing.

After clearing a blockage on one of our recent works we proved to our customer that the down pipes were clear by forcing vacuumed air flow through the pipe…


Our first contract gutter work at Heatherfields, Bolton.

Was a pleasure to carry out our first contract work today for Homestead services Ltd.

We was to unblock water drain pipes and full clean the guttering on this huge property of flats in Bolton today at the heatherfield site.
Removal of heavy soilage, leaves and other debris causing the blockage of the front down pipe causing rain water to overflow down the front wall.
We successfully removed the blockage with our SkyVac system and test with airflow suction.
Our Skycam gave us pinpoint accuracy to ensure a full clean all the way around.
The director on site was very pleased with our work and the way we worked. Hopefully leading to a secure future contract.
Many thanks for allowing us to do the work to prove we can keep costs down and still do the same job.