Detached house in Cleveleyes getting gutters sorted.

Our #SkyVac gutter cleaning service was on need today at a lovely property in Cleveleys. We also notified customer of gutter leakage which needs attention. We used #SkyCam to pin point worstvsoiled areas and to show customer work done. Thanks for using #MotorShines

We hit the Skies in 2019!!

It was with great pleasure to detail the external top fuselage of this Piper Cherokee at Blackpool Airport today for flight path Blackpool. (
It’s a small project which we have taken on with flight path to help keep there plain in tip top condition which they use to teach students. 
Next week internal cockpit detail and start work on the undercarriage and to degrease. Thanks to Paul, one of the pilots who teach students, for letting us take this project on @ Blackpool Airport.


SkyVac images

We use our SkyCam to capture our work. This gives customers as to the work we have done and also peace of mind that rain water is flowing free to the down pipes and escaping as should be. We understand and stress to the customer the importance of regular cleaning of gutters especially if you live near by trees, forests etc as blocked gutters can cause damp as the rain can eventually run down your walls and start rotting wood in your property.

Here are just a few samples of images caught by our SkyCam, before and after pics –


Facia and Sofitt and SkyVac gutter cleaning on a property in Bispham

A detached house in Bispham had its Facia and Sofitts cleaned and guttering cleaned using our SkyVac system and SkyCam to provide images to the customer. Thanks for using MotorShine!!


We fully cleaned the guttering using SkyVac for these two residents in Blackpool.

There were some heavy soilage and grass to test our equipment and skills, but nothing stopped us from getting these gutters as clean as they can be. Job well done!


VW gets GuardX protection

One of our customers required a little more paint protection as living out in the sticks over in Preesall. So we used GuardX.  A powerful chemical that bonds to the surface of the paintwork for years to come. Allowing rain to and dirt to repel, even after many washes. Thanks for using us!

Hotel carpet cleaned after busy season in Blackpool

Just before Christmas we cleaned this cosy hotel. Most rooms, hallway and stairways cleaned after a very bust 2018 season. Fully refreshed for the new season ahead. Thanks for using MotorShine.



A Mercedes CLA Super car gets its regular full wax high gloss finish

A personnel trainer who uses our services at T12 body transformations gets a high gloss wax on his pride car this week and interior clean. Thank you!!



2019 kicks off with detailing this week.


A busy week on the detailing, from small cars to catering vans this week.