High flying for Motor-Shine @ Helispeed

We were delighted to be recommended to be invited to detail this super N429jc Helicopter at the J-Max hanger at Blackpool Airport recently. We ceetailny love the aviation industry and to get this opportunity to finally work on such an incredible aircraft was a thrill and an honour.

We washed the outer shell and detailed the ViP cab to a very high standard. As you can see by pics it looks fab. After speaking to the manger of the aircraft we are also delighted to detail the 3 company cars at the airport.

Exciting times for MotorShine at the moment, which means hard work and commitment really pays off!


MotorShine takes to the Skies

After doing a fab job on one of the pilots cars detailing it, we got asked to look at a Diamond AC62 aircraft to do some minor work on, and I got offered to be taken for a flight around the local area. How could I of resisted!!

We hit the Skies in 2019!!

It was with great pleasure to detail the external top fuselage of this Piper Cherokee at Blackpool Airport today for flight path Blackpool. (www.flightpathblackpool.co.uk)
It’s a small project which we have taken on with flight path to help keep there plain in tip top condition which they use to teach students. 
Next week internal cockpit detail and start work on the undercarriage and to degrease. Thanks to Paul, one of the pilots who teach students, for letting us take this project on @ Blackpool Airport.